The Parish Graveyard Project

The Parish Graveyard Project has taken many months to document the graves in Powerstown cemetery including headstone images and a mapping of the graveyard. The Graveyard Project team led by Pat O'Brien included members of the Pastoral Council:


Chairperson Larry O'Gorman
Secretary Jenny Hayes
Treasurer Marie O'Sullivan
Celia Ryan

Pat O'Brien
Marie Hurley
Mary Cahill

Nuala Veale
Willie O'Donnell
Denis Holland

Eileen Boland
John O'Donovan
Ann-Marie Kehoe

Marie Tierney
Patricia Cronin
Julie Hannan

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The online graveyard viewer was designed and developed by Michael Phelan.

While every effort has been made to capture the details of each grave in Powerstown cemetery, there may be some inaccuracies.

If you find any errors, please let us know by emailing and the Parish Graveyard Project team will endeavour to correct these in the coming months. We also hope to extend this project to other parish graveyards in the future. To view the graves in Powerstown cemetery, you can view the graveyard map by clicking on the Powerstown Church drawing above.

This will open a new window allowing you to see a map of Powerstown cemetery. It is recommended that you maximise this window for best viewing results. You can zoom in and out of the map and also place your mouse over a grave marker to view the headstone image and details. Please note that some images and headstone details are missing and you can only view the grave details when the map is not in zoom mode. You can also search the graveyard database by: grave name, address, year or text.

To search, click on the Search Graves Criteria below, select the criteria you want to search from the Select Search Filter menu (grave name, address, year or text search). Depending on your selection, another menu list will allow you to filter by grave name, address, year or text search. Select from this menu or enter the text to search, then click the Search Parish Graves Database button. The corresponding graves details and headstone image (if available) will be displayed in the section of the page.